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Learning impacts on all business functions

For any business to run effectively all the functions within that organisation have to interact through good communication, clearly defined procedures and good management. In discussion with a group of ‘baby’ trainers recently it became apparent how important the function of learning and development is to all businesses whatever their size and complexity.  For example […]

New term, new work!

So here we are at the start of a new academic year and for 1000’s of students of whatever age an exciting and daunting prospect ahead.  It is also like that for newbie tutors like me!! I am delighted to be delivering the CIPD Certificate in Learning & Development for Coleg Gwent this year and […]

Assessing for quality

I guess that most of you drive and here in the UK once you have passed your test then you are able to drive, without any further assessment until you are 70.  So no-one has ever checked whether or not my driving is of a certain standard…is this the same with your training skills? How […]

Measurable learning outcomes

As you know I deliver a number of accredited courses, two of which are qualifications to teach/train others. I have recently completed the delivery of a ‘preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector’ course (aka PTLLS) with a great group of people. What happens to me in the weeks after I have assessed their […]

Succession planning – have you thought about it?

Succession planning is a critical management tool whatever the size of your business because without it your organisation may not survive! So what is succession planning? In simple terms….who is going to do your job when you are not there any more!  This does not mean that you are about to be made redundant or […]

Personal Development

I have been lucky enough to do some personal development recently which is always good for a number of reasons some of which I would like to share with you. As a professional trainer it is good to be on the receiving side of a training session for a change & to sit back & […]

Trainer centric or tutor centric learning programmes?

An interesting discussion took place this week between a number of trainers, me being one of them. The question we debated passionately was that of course design…..should it be learner centred or tutor centred? Clearly learner centred has to be our main goal as trainers because when people are engaged in the learning & can […]