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Customer Service Management Training |  South Wales Customer Service Training – We run a wide and varied portfolio of workshops at Rubus Associates (A South Wales Training & Development Company), many of which take place on customer sites around various parts of the UK.

One of the larger clients we have is the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) and we provide a series of workshops based around Customer Services Management, or in DWPO speak Stakeholder Management.

We recently had one of our associate trainers deliver this experimental and very interactive workshop in Leeds and as usual, it went down a storm.  We cover a wide variety of subjects using very interactive methods, using anecdotes and story telling also.  The participants are encouraged to take an active part in all the discussion – sharing horror stories as well as the good ones and offering objective feedback on how things can be improved.

One of the best topics that are covered (from a delegate perspective) is the on Transactional Analysis (TA).  The fun way in which we deliver this amazing communication theory always goes down well.

On the Essentials of Stakeholder Management (Customer Service Management Training) workshop, we cover the following subjects:

      • Explain who your stakeholders are and what they want from us
      • Describe the stakeholder’s expectations of us
      • Explain why excellent communication skills are essential to the relationships with the stakeholders
      • Describe at least three different ego states that we may use when managing relationships
      • Demonstrate how to handle a difficult conversation
      • Explain why trust is a key to our stakeholder relationships

Customer Service Management Training South Wales 

The feedback was pretty good also!