Risk is with us everyday of our lives.  We look when we cross the road, we buy car and house insurance to minimise loss etc.  However do we look at our business, large or small, and assess just what is going on and how risky could it be? So managing risk is something that we should all do more of.

This interactive workshop takes a look at what risk is, how we perceive risk and finally how we identify, assess, analyse and plan for business risk….the whole process of managing risk.

Managing risk

Programme Outline

  • Welcome, objectives & introductions
  • What is a Risk and what is an Issue?
    • Looking at the difference between the two, getting the language right
  • How do we perceive Risk
    • Looking at how different people and groups perceive risk
    • Identifying Risk
    • Analysing Risk
  • Planning a response to Risk
    • What is the Gold Standard response?
    • What is acceptable to your business?
  • Implementing a Business Risk Strategy
    • What to think about
    • What to put in it
    • Have you simulated an implementation?

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