Management Skills Wales

Management Skills Wales

At whatever level of the organisation you work in, having the management skills to manage people, resources, products and services are crucial to your continued success.  We have listed some of the management skills training programmes that we deliver below, but this may not be what you are looking for, so contact us about your own requirements.  We are also happy to customise any of our current Management Skills Training workshops or to work closely with you to design your specific workshops.

Management Skills Wales

      • Managing performance in the workplace
      • Problem-solving and decision-making
      • Finance for non-financial managers
      • Managing the employee life cycle
      • Delegation skills
      • Conflict Management
      • Effective meeting skills
      • Managing change
      • Project Management

Suzanne Unsworth working with a group of managers explaining Six Hats method of problem solving


An example of our consultancy work:

Assisting an organisation to develop a management skills training programme to enable all levels of the organisation to work more harmoniously and to meet the needs of all stakeholders. This bespoke training programme was developed following our consultants spending time in the business understanding the requirements across all functional areas. This ensured that the management skills training programme was right for our client.


To help you improve and develop in key areas our service includes:

        • 1-1 coaching meeting every six weeks
        • Telephone-based coaching sessions every two week

“ I have been running my successful Health and Wellness business with Forever Living, the Aloe Vera company for almost seven years. In that time I have learnt that any team leader worth their salt needs to develop effective  coaching and mentoring skills. A few months ago I met Suzanne at a networking event and I instinctively knew that she was the person to help me work on my leadership skills and personal business goals. In these short few months I have learnt so much (mainly about myself) my business has grown, my confidence in leading a team has developed massively and most importantly we’ve had fun doing it. I would recommend that every business developer work with a business/personal coach – the investment is well worth it and Suzanne, I’m glad that I found you – Thank You!”          

Miriam Bowen, Forever Living Owner & Business Mentor

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