Make sure you qualify every lead!

Make sure you qualify every lead!

Although sales training is not one of my main strengths I was amazed to be part of a sales process where the initial qualification of the need of the customer was not done.

A couple of weeks ago a sales representative of a very well known double glazing firm called at our house selling his wares, so to speak.  Well I know that we need new fascia boards at the gable end of the property, which I explained to this person. He then asked about sofit boards (sorry to be so technical but you need to know what I wanted) and I explained that we only have one of those.  He said he would arrange for someone to come out and give us a quote on a date that we agreed.

Now from this representative’s perspective he had succeeded in getting an appointment.  So he was well on his way to his target…job done!

Two weeks later and three days before the appointment I get a call from another representative to check that I will be in on the agreed date to meet with the surveyor.  This person explained that I would also get a quote from the surveyor on the day, which this person hoped would be acceptable to me.

On the day of the allotted appointment I get a call from a third person from this company to confirm that I am in and I am the decision maker.  They also confirmed what I wanted and I explained two fascia boards and a sofit board, no I did not need the guttering replaced.  This voice said that was part of the package but the surveyor would ensure that I got the right information when he arrived later that day.

The surveyor duly arrived on time and very well presented…always a good start for a sales appointmentm I believe.  He took one look at my house and said he could give me a quote but it would be far too expensive, I was better off going to a local builder and getting them to do it.  He was with me for no more than 3 minutes!!

Two lessons to learn from this:

1. Make sure that you know what the customer wants and what you are selling.  If the initial representative had been better trained he would’ve been able to tell me that the job was too small for his firm.

2. If the job had been qualified better three people would not have had to interact with me to establish that the job was too small.  Again if the person on phone call had been better trained, again he could’ve qualified me out

Please make sure you do not waste your precious time & your resources on badly developed sales leads.

Thanks for your time, Suzanne Unsworth

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