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Sales Training South Wales & Management Development Training Wales from Rubus Associates – In business since 2001, Rubus Associates are proud to deliver high-quality management development training programmes and business consultancy that add value and profitability to your organisation.  In those sixteen years, we have successfully helped over 15,000 people learn and grow in their roles through delivering over 1600 days of training & management development to a wide variety of companies and organisations.

We deliver a wide variety of bespoke and ILM approved training, ranging from Sales Training to Management Development to Leadership Development.

Each of our workshops is tailored to the companies we work with, and to the delegates attending.  In many cases, we use a selection of psychometric assessments to help the delegates understand the behavioural aspects much more – and use those to change behaviour so that it delivers bottom line performance for your organisation.

Micro Video Doodles as a Learning Resource

All of our workshops are supported by various micro videos such as the one below, on Questioning Skills.  This allows delegates to learn in their own preferred style and reinforce the learning through a different medium that may be more suitable for them.

Business Coaching in Wales Special Offer

Personalised one to one professional development coaching is now seen as a key tool to help individuals improve their performance in the workplace.  It involves you working on agreed skills and goals over a relatively short time period with support and some direction from your coach.  It is recognised as a skilled activity so all our coaches are fully qualified in this area of people development.

We currently have a special offer running so that you can dip you toe in the water and test out the effectiveness of coaching:

      • The completion of an online psychometric assessment widely recognised as one of the top coaching tools in the world
      • Up to 2 hours of feedback and coaching by one of our business or personal coaches

This introductory offer is only £100 for a limited time only. Click the link to find out more info and download a sample report.

Management Skills

At whatever level of the organisation you work in, having the management skills to manage people, resources, products and services are crucial to your continued success.  We have listed some of the management skills training programmes here, but this may not be what you are looking for, so contact us about your own requirements.

Management Development Training Wales  |  South Wales Management Training  |  Sales Training South Wales

Personal Development

Personal development or to give it it’s official title: Continuous professional development (CPD), is recognised as something that everybody needs to spend time on to ensure that they are up to date with current thinking & practices for their current role as well as developing their skills and knowledge for future career opportunities. Check out some of the courses we run for people like you.

Management Development Training Wales  |  South Wales Management Training  |  Sales Training South Wales

Sales & Service

“Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience.”

Source: Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report

Our interactive sales development courses and customer service training will make your business thrive.

Management Development Training Wales  |  South Wales Management Training  |  Sales Training South Wales

Bite Sized Workshops

If you haven’t got time for training courses then our bite-size workshops are ideal for you.  We run them either at your premises for people from your organisation or at one of our partner venues as open sessions.  The cost will only be £50 per person (inc. VAT), so it won’t break the bank either! Have a look at what subjects we deliver in these workshops.

Management Development Training Wales  |  South Wales Management Training  |  Sales Training South Wales

Working with you to achieve your business objectives by: 

    • Delivering uniquely tailored training programmes that will improve the performance of you, your team and your business.
    • Creating training programmes that are interactive, challenging and fun so that the learning sticks!
    • Offering all our delegates free post course coaching & support via email or phone so they can access help when they need it.
    • Offering a fully inclusive price, so the price you see is the price you pay which means you can plan your budget accordingly.
    • Providing a training team who are experts in their specialist subjects who will bring any training programme to life with real world experiences.

We design & deliver experiential management development training programmes which involve the participants practising their newly acquired skills in a safe environment so that they have the confidence to use them back in the workplace and the business can see the return on it’s investment. Contact us now on 01633 400051.

Get in touch NOW to find out how we can help you and your business.

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