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INTRODUCTION – Sales Training South Wales

Sales Training South Wales – When you think of a natural salesperson in South Wales, you possibly imagine a fluent talker quick to answer your questions before you even have them. And a few minutes later, you’re completely sold on a product you’ll never use.

In the real sense, the very best salespeople are not always the slickest talkers — they’re actually the most effective listeners you can find, and this is one of the areas we concentrate on in our South Wales Training workshops – listening. Instead of ignoring their client and trying to prevail in conversation, an effective salesperson in South Wales always carefully listens to the client’s needs to really identify with them.

But like any other skills, even a salesperson that is naturally adept needs to hone their skills through steady sales training in South Wales. Here are a few tips for educating and developing your Sales Training in South Wales.


Sales training programs normally include topics associated with client relationship management, the better understanding of customers’ necessities/desires, providing active feedback to clients, increasing good communication with clients, as well as improving client communications.

The purpose of good sales training programs is to improve the relationship/connection between sales experts and their clients and to as well improve the sales performance of sales professionals.

Students of sales training programs and Sales Training South Wales are majorly those who work as sales professionals, product sales professionals, channel sales professionals, sales managers and sales force automation professionals. Product Sales Training requires familiarity with the products and services the sales professional is selling. The main procedure of product sales training is teaching how to communicate the product’s benefits as well as its features to the customer. Sales Force Automation, therefore, involves teaching the sales experts how to use online tools to report and track the progress of sales activities.


Just like the acquisition of other skill, a salesperson needs to undergo serious and consistent training.There are some tips that need to be considered in order to develop your sales force:

1. Make use of E-Learning to Educate 

If your sales team does not know your product well, it will affect even the best listeners by closing a sale. Salespeople really need to understand the product details so as to boost their self-confidence when selling the product, most especially the new recruits. With enough product training, they will be able to recognise certain client issues as well as full understanding of product details in order to recommend them as the best solution. E-Learning is a great way to educate your sales force on your products.

2. Keep Training Short but Consistent With Micro-Learning

Managers might be curious to improve a highly competent sales force, but the truth is that salespeople cannot acquire enormous information in one time.

According to research, Long days sales training events are essentially a waste of money because almost 50% of what is learned is almost forgotten within 5 weeks and it is not really applied to the sales process.

Overtraining can be unfavourable to your salespeople’s normal talent. On the other hand, sending out reminders through email will bring about effective attitudes without fully overwhelming your salespeople.

One of the things we do at Rubus Associates with our Sales Training keeps the number of topics on any face to face workshop small – so people “get it”

3. Reward Specific Achievements

Salespeople are driven by objectives, which often makes an achievement-based training program another excellent option. By generalising your team members’ successes, they will not be fully impressed. A very effective sales training method is to tell them they are doing well in their job. Be specific always In order to make individual successes more meaningful.

4. Share Success Stories

In a study carried out by one retail giant, it shows that a one-point increment in employee engagement resulted in a $200,000 increase in the sales made monthly by each store.Also, National Business Research Institute stated that employee attitude affects 40% to 80% of customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, Sharing success stories bring up a sense of unity in your salespeople and it also encourages and enables them to work very hard and smart.


A good and perfect sales training whether Sales Training South Wales or not; must firstly lay the good foundations for people before they start utilising their skills. This creates a lot of work for the trainers, but by doing so, they are demonstrating how sales people should communicate with their customers, taking into consideration their necessity, rather than persuading the customers to change their buying process in order to favour the salesperson’s process.

The method in any sales situation should be firstly the understanding of what is going on, and then the use of learning that works in this situation. Good sales training in South wales provides a lot of examples as well as practical training where the student gets to practice the new learning.

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