I’m Suzanne Unsworth

Professional Business Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

I help you achieve what you always wanted to by asking the right questions to elicit the response that open your mind to new possibilities so you can fulfil your potential.

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business owner or a senior manager in an organisation coaching is a recognised development tool to support you with change, deveoping your career as well as your leadership capability.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

1. Build your confidence

2. Understand how to work with different people more effectively

3. Helping you get clarity on the situation

4. Combating Unconcious Incompetence

5. Asking the RIGHT questions


Have a burning desire to better yourself?

Finding it difficult dealing with a problem colleague?

Want to unleash your hidden strengths?

Goal Setting

Do you struggle with setting goals and then striving to work to towards them?  Coaching can help you!

Career Coaching

Stuck in a rut in the same job for a while, looking to move jobs or just need to support in a new role.  Coaching can give you that support to enable you to fulfil you potential.

Dealing with difficult colleagues

Colleagues can be difficult to deal with sometimes, and finding your way through can be stressful for you.  Coaching can help find ways to deal with ‘that’ colleague effectively and with less stress.


Managing stress effectively

Stress can affect us all and in different ways.  Coaching can help you identify the physiological indicators of feeling stressed and help you find coping mechanisms to aide your way out.

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

It unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance. Coaching helps them to learn rather than teaching them.

Is it for you?  Yes, everyone can benefit from coaching.  It’s not only for senior management. Now, it is quite normal for someone to see a coach to help them achieve their goals in their life and work.
Coaching is a partnership between coach and client.

To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.

Coaching can help you identify where you are, where you want to be, in what time frame and help guide you along the right pathway to success.

Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.

Want to be better but don’t know how?  Expert coaching can help you achieve better performance, and be an enabler for you to stay at peak performance.

Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change.

Emotional intelligence is an important aspect in today’s busy workplace.  Guided coaching can help improve your emotional intelligence, giving you the edge.

About Me

I have been delivering learning & development programmes and business coaching both nationally and internationally for over twenty years in leadership, human resources, customer service & business development.

During this time, I have developed an ability to relate quickly to people at whatever level they work and provide practical, realistic learning interventions based on the latest management thinking and that meet the needs of my clients.


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Online Coaching Resources

Wellness eBook

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The Essentials of Goal Setting

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3 Week Career Workshop

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