Leader Development

Leaders development refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities and confidence of individual leaders within your organisation.

The best form of leader development is 1-2-1 coaching from an experienced and qualified Leadership Coach.  That is where Rubus Associates can help.

We have a range of coaches to choose from that will suit people at all levels within your organisation.  All of our coaches are fully qualified and have a wide and varied background enabling them to support individuals through this development time.



Leaders Development Programme

1-2-1 Coaching

A series of 6 1-2-1 coaching sessions that focuse on the individual’s personality, style and understanding of leadership.   These coaching sessions will bring out the core qualities the sponsoring organisation is looking for in it’s current and future leaders.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities such as the reading of specific books, reflective statements, watching and discussing films/movies/TV shows that highlight examples of leaders in action.  Additionally, we would also include at least 2 sessions with other leaders from different organisations to discuss the wider aspects of leader development.

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