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Management Development South Wales. What can we do together?

Sales Training South Wales & Management Development South Wales from Rubus Associates.


Rubus Associates are proud to deliver high-quality management development training programmes and business consultancy that add value and profitability to your organisation.


Since 2001 we have successfully helped over 16,000 people develop, learn and grow in their roles through delivering over 1,700 days of training, management development & business coaching to a wide variety of companies and organisations.


We deliver a wide variety of bespoke and ILM approved training, ranging from Sales Training to Management Development to Leadership Development as well as business coaching.


Each of our workshops are tailored to the companies we work with, and to the delegates attending. Both our business coaching and training can take place either face to face or via an online platform.  This will ensure that you can continue your personal development during the difficult times that we face with Covid-19.


Management Development South Wales

In many cases, we use a selection of psychometric assessments to help the delegates understand their behavioural aspects much more – and use those to change behaviour so that delivers bottom-line performance for your organisation.

Personal Development

Personal development or to give it it’s official title: Continuous Professional Development (CPD), is recognised as something that everybody needs to spend time on to ensure that they are up to date with current thinking & practices for their PRESENT role. IT IS ALSO ABOUT developing skills and knowledge for future career opportunities. Check out some of the courses we run for people like you.

Management Skills

At whatever level of the organisation you work in, having the management skills to manage people, resources, products and services are crucial to your continued success.  We have listed some of the management skills training programmes here, but this may not be what you are looking for, so contact us about your own requirements.

Sales & Service Experience

“Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience.”
Source: Harris Interactive, Customer Experience Impact Report
Our interactive sales development courses and customer service training will make your business thrive.

Bite-Sized Workshops

If you haven’t got time for training courses then our bite-size workshops are ideal for you.  We run them either at your premises OR VIRTUALLY for people from your organisation.  The cost will only be £50 per person, so it won’t break the bank either! Have a look at what subjects we deliver in these workshops.

How do we work with you?

We have a simple four-stage process, easy to follow, that investigates the problems, develops a solution, implements the solution and celebrates success.

Management Development South Wales – get in touch

We talk about your business.

We discuss where you are now and where you want to be.

We will talk about the people who will get you there.

We will look at how to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviour in support of your organisational needs.

We Develop your plan

I use my experience to develop a variety of learning interventions to meet your needs. 

We will then discuss these and agree on what will be the best solution for your business.

We will agree on how and when we will implement what we have agreed.

We begin the journey

Our associates, who are all fully qualified in their key subject area, will work with you and your people.

We will review progress regularly to ensure that we are meeting your needs.

We celebrate success

We review the journey and celebrate the success of the development of the people and the organisation.

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